TriPlanar Mapping Shaderfor Houdini/Mantra

Tri Planar Mapping is a technique to map textures onto geometry without the use of UVs. It uses planar projections from three sides (X, Y and Z) and blends them together.

It is well suited for organic objects with tileable textures like rocks or other landscape elements and can make texturing set decoration elements a lot easier.

This is a Mantra shader! It will therefore not work in the Houdini viewport. I will try to create a corresponding OpenGL shader to also visualize the TriPlanar mapping in the viewport, but currently issues in Houdini’s OpenGL shader management are preventing that (bug report was initiated).

As with tri-planar mapping it is not possible to “paint” onto specific parts of the geometry (as there are no UVs) the TriPlanar Shader comes with a Decal Shader to map decals onto geometry for augmentation of the tiled texture.

Please see the introduction video to learn how to use the TriPlanar and Decal shaders:


The Deepwell TriPlanar Shader is free!
Download the Houdini HDA here: